Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seoul at night

I will miss Seoul.  I'm looking forward to our next stop, but I will miss Seoul.  It has been home for two years.  I've figured out the subway and the bus.  I've learned how to squeeze myself into an already full bus or subway car.  My sense of personal space has changed.  I've learned that walking down a crowded sidewalk is a contact sport.  I will miss the lunch options... Turkish kebab, Korean bulgogi, Mexican taco, Austrian sandwich, American burger, Indian curry, Paraguayan empanada, Italian pasta, Chinese noodles, Japanese teriyaki, Vietnamese pho, Thai fried noodles.  

I will miss the fact that there are a gazillion restaurants within meters of the front door of my apartment building.  And the 7-11 right across the street.  I will miss the four different seasons but I won't miss the freezing cold of winter.  I will miss watching Namsan Mountain turning yellow and red in fall.  I will miss watching the ginkgo tree leaves change color.  

But most of all, I will miss my friends.

Looking towards Seoul Tower

Looking east

The Tomgi Hotel starburst sign.
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