Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring in Seoul

May 5th this year was Children's Day here in Korea.  Which means it was a holiday.  And I had the day off from work.  Early in the day, before the hordes came out, we went for a long walk towards Independence Gate and Seodaemun Prison.  The weather was beautiful.

Independence Gate:

Some beautiful spring flowers in the park.

More flowers.

In the same park as Independence Gate is Seodaemun Prison.  This is where the Japanese incarcerated and tortured Korean resistance leaders.  It is now restored and can be walked through.  Seodaemun Prison is depressing, and full of horrific examples of what people can and do to each other.  But it is worth seeing because of the role it played in history here in Korea.

Outside the prison, in the park, there were more beautiful flowers.

Sign for a coffee shop.

Moving statue.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

In honor of mother's day... My matrilineal line

My matrilineal line is where I got my mitochondrial DNA, passed down from mother to child.

1) Me

2) Mom

3) My grandmother

4) Illah Blanch Lent, b. 20 Sep 1874 Byron, IL, d. 15 Feb 1942, Manson, IA
This is the person I've heard referred to as a martinet.

5) Elsie Jane Terbush, b. 4 Apr 1843, Oneida Co., NY, d. 23 Oct 1909, Manson, IA

6) Mary Ann Howland, b. abt 1816, New York State, d. before 1870
And this is where I need to do some research because I have nothing further on this line.