Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life at the beach...

Well, we've moved. And we're practically unpacked. Except for the kitchen. So we've been eating out for most of the past week. I think we've eaten out for dinner more in the past week than we have for the entire previous year. It just seems that home cooked meals taste better than restaurant food.

Anyway, we went for happy hour at Ocean Club in Jacksonville Beach on Friday after cleaning up and packing up the last bits of detritus in the old apartment. The drinks were two for one during happy hour. They were okay. But the people watching was amazing!!! It appears that Jacksonville Beach is becoming a slight spring destination. Nothing on the order of Daytona, Miami, Destin, or the redneck riviera they keep mentioning on the news. But there were plenty of young folks strutting their stuff to keep me entertained for hours. I find it interesting how men's clothes are getting bigger and baggier while women's clothes are getting smaller and smaller. Some of the guys were wearing many layers of clothes while the girls were wearing the skimpiest and tightest bikinis they could apparently find in the children's department. One guy's pants even fell down while he was walking because he stopped holding his pants up momentarily to hold his girlfriend's hand. Fortunately he was wearing glow in the dark blue boxer briefs with basketball shorts over those, so he was still fully clothed (sort of) with his pants around his ankles.

Overall, though, my one observation: Plumber's butt is not attractive on anyone. Period.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Modern Dog Grooming

Friday, March 7, 2008

What should I read next?

I found this website that's actually taken up more time than it probably should:

What Should I Read Next?

You enter a book, confirm that the title and author are correct, and can then ask for suggestions on what to read next. The more books you enter, the more options you have in terms of getting suggestions based upon other peoples' lists.


It's taken almost a year, but I've found a Mexican restaurant that can assuage those Mexican food cravings. Granted, we don't eat out very often, which might explain why it's taken so long. But I haven't been too interested in trying Mexican restaurants since the first one was not so great. I had heard that La Nopalera was good, and as we passed it while we were trying to decide where to eat, we decided to try it. We ate at the one on Philips Hwy.

Anyway, I had the taco plate, which came with 3 tacos with choice of meat, onions, cilantro and salsa on the side. Most places, instead of steak or shredded beef, serve ground beef, which just isn't right to me. So before ordering, I confirmed that these were steak and not ground beef. I was pleasantly surprised to see tacos looking very similar to those I can get in California. They didn't quite taste as good, but they will certainly suffice when I have a craving for Mexican food.