Monday, June 21, 2010

More lanterns...

Here are more lanterns at a different Buddhist temple in the Samcheongdong area.

Lanterns at night along one of the smaller streets in the Samcheongdong area.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dunkin Donuts Mangosteen Filled Donut

Korean Dunkin Donuts has a wide range of filled donuts.  They each come in a little paper wrapper, with a picture of the fruit.  They have pineapple, and raspberry, and blueberry, and mangosteen.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

dumplings and noodles

Seoul is filled with little restaurants that specialize in one or two items. No matter which direction you go, there are small restaurants with a few tables, a few signs on the wall with the menu with 5-6 items, and self serve water or tea and side dishes.  A few weeks ago, we saw a couple of restaurants that looked worth trying, so tonight we went back. One served dumplings (meat, seafood, or vegetable), and the other served fried noodles, fried dumplings, and a dumpling soup. We saw people with dumplings in the noodle restaurant, and people with noodles and soup in the dumpling restaurant. But we couldn't figure out the magic words to get noodles in the dumpling restaurant. So we had dumplings first, then went to the second restaurant for our second course. Next time, we'll start at the noodle restaurant and have the dumplings second.

Meat dumplings:

You get 6 steamed dumplings per order. Meat is a pork mixture. Vegetable had baby leeks, finely chopped noodles, and a touch of tofu. Next time I'll try the seafood.

Fried noodles (aka yakisoba). Has onion, finely sliced carrot, green onions, and a bit of meat.

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Introducing the Park Ji Sung Soccer Donut

In honor of the World Cup, Dunkin Donuts is currently serving the Park Ji Sung soccer donut.

With a cream filling lightly reminiscent of citrus.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Spring in Korea means lanterns!  They're bright and colorful, and fun to see strung up along the streets.  Or at Jogyesa, where they string them all across the open plaza area in front of the temple.

Looking straight up:

Side of Jogyesa building:

Corner of rooftop.  I love the colors!

Statue in a park behind Jogyesa.  I have no idea who this is.

Octopus, it's what's for lunch.  A tank full of octopi outside a restaurant.

Statues outside the arts center.

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