Saturday, May 30, 2009

Season for free stuff...

Since I've returned to Seoul, I've gotten something free each time I've gone to the store. I have no idea if they have a period of time where they hand out freebies, or if I've magically purchased an item that get's something free with purchase, or they figure they can unload this stuff on the gullible foreigner.

In the last 24 hours alone, I have come home with 1 can of silkworm pupa and 1 box of plastic bags.

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Summer Vacations and Graduations

I just got back from my summer vacation. Yes, I know, summer doesn't officially start until later in June. But it was warm, even bordering on hot, in Florida and California, and definitely warmer then Seoul, so summer vacation it is. It was also the season of graduations. Congratulations to the Cal Arts Class of 2009. I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed, I thought that there might be more radical exhibitionism than was on display at the graduation ceremony. But I look forward to seeing the work of my brother and his friends in the future.

Summer, ah, how I love thee... warm enough to sit outside in the evening and enjoy a lovely, chilled glass of sauvignon blanc and watch the moon rise. And then the mosquitoes arrived.

I do have to admit that when I first arrived back in Jacksonville, that I wasn't up for much. After the long flight and the long work hours prior to my departure, pretty much all I could manage was to just sit and stare at the waves for a while. It was very refreshing.

The Atlantic Ocean:

I also headed up to Santa Barbara for a few days, to take care of business and see friends. And to be reminded of how cold it could be there. Although apparently it was scorching hot the previous week during the Jesusita Fire. We could see ash on the ground along the beach, and up in the hills we could see where it had burned and where they had created the fire breaks. It was a sober reminder of how tentative our lives can be when confronted by the forces of nature.

The Pacific Ocean:

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things I miss about Jacksonville...

I'm in Florida right now, Jacksonville actually, on vacation. Someone asked me yesterday what I noticed about the US when I came back, what struck me the most. And I have to say that it was the awful smell of the fast food court at the Atlanta airport. Ugh. And people eat that stuff. Another thing I've noticed is the huge portions at restaurants. I used to think that Sliders' servings were a touch on the small side. Now, I think they're huge! I ordered crab cakes for dinner, and couldn't finished my plate.

I've been working on relaxing, trying to remember how to do that, how not to work, how not to check email all the time. So I've been hanging out at Jacksonville Beach, enjoying a walk down to the pier and back each morning. Enjoying the sunshine (with lots of sunscreen!) and the warm weather. I've noticed a few differences since I was last here -- there are fewer for sale signs, less traffic on A1A/3rd St., parking still available on a Friday evening in Atlantic Beach.

But I also realized that there are things I miss about Jacksonville...
1) Sliders restaurant in Atlantic Beach
2) Walks on the beach
3) My friends and family
4) The weather!!!
5) 5 Guys burgers
6) The greenery and trees
7) Watching the clouds gather every afternoon
8) The humidity (yes, the humidity)

Photos will be posted in a couple of weeks when I return.